a.   By working together in collaboration, in our communities we can begin to establish the foundations for a world of future prosperity, peace and unity.  RePUT’s prime aim is to support and unify the Tiv Nation in developing our future world.

b.   Education is a keystone in our journey.  As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.  As a RePUT Customer, you will have direct access to the world class prestigious professional management and leadership education of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), providing you with all the necessary training, learning and mentoring opportunities to fully prepare and equip you for finding solutions in a business environment, that lead to the increased production of crops, goods and services, thus creating wealth in the process for you, your family and others.

c. On registration, you may join one of your chosen 16 Institutions.  You will be directly connected with like-minded people.  This facilitates the cross fertilization of business ideas, leading to successful networking and collaboration on common goals, realizing your dreams and your full potential while contributing to the rapid development of the Tiv economy.

d.   Rather than unsuccessfully looking for work for years, RePUT can help you discover your creativity and help you engage it in wealth creation and the realization of your potential.

e. RePUT can help you set up in business, help you run your business and help you successfully grow your business.

f. RePUT can help you take Control, Ownership and Possession of your economic affairs so that you live a more free, full and more abundant life God intended for you.  John 10;10b

Together with RePUT there is no limit to what you can successfully achieve.

When you register for RePUT you will receive a Customer’s Registration Certificate.

You will be alerted when the time for the payment of the one off £30 Registration fee arrives. On that Occasion, after the payment of your Registration fee, you may download and print your Customer’s Hand Book.

In addition to the registration fee there will be an annual subscription fee of £50 p.a. to be paid in ten equal installments of £5.

As a Customer of RePUT your benefits are:

  • You will enjoy the necessary support to become an effective Entrepreneur, able to help take Control, Ownership and Possession of the Tiv Economy.
  • Support to start, run and grow your business.
  • Have a discount on all training courses including Workshops, Seminars etc.
  • Free Prestigious Professional Management and Leadership Education of the CMI focused on Entrepreneurship and Enterprise to fully equip and train you to become an effective Entrepreneur, able to contribute to the Tiv Nation Building effort and able to join in taking the Control, Ownership and Possession of the TIV economy. And you may wish to proceed to study for a Certificate in Management & Leadership, recognised globally…. May then progress to higher CMI Qualifications.
  • and much more….