In order that the Vision would be realized and the Mission successfully implemented, RePUT would like to see some 16 strong Institutions that would create and sustain the necessary conducive environment for development to thrive, driven by the private sector.

This is to help destroy poverty and make way for a prosperous Tiv world.
The chief objective and purpose of the 16 Institutions is to help the Tiv nation effectively and successfully take over the:


of the entire Tiv economy by the Tiv.

Therefore, in choosing one Institution, first consider the following:
Your education, training, expertise, skills, know-how as well as your hobbies, passions and what you enjoy spending time doing.  This way, you may be joining people of like mind.  There, you may readily make friends, build trust and work together better. 

Each Institution would specialize in some particular sector of the Tiv economy.  Activities within each Institution would be to identify challenges / problems in their sector of the economy and address them and put forward proposed solutions.

RePUT would collaborate with each Institution to ensure, all the problems are solved.  Successful implementation of the solution would lead to wealth creation, through the creation of jobs, producing goods, and services in effective demand.

Within each Institution, teams of two or three or more would emerge.  RePUT would help each of the teams, from the development stage of their ideas all the way to start-up businesses. Hold their hand all the way through starting running, growing their businesses to mega organizations on the world advanced economies stage.

When you register for RePUT you will receive a Customer’s Registration Certificate.

You will be alerted when the time for the payment of the one off £30 Registration fee arrives. On that Occasion, after the payment of your Registration fee, you may download and print your Customer’s Hand Book.

In addition to the registration fee there will be an annual subscription fee of £50 p.a. to be paid in ten equal installments of £5.

As a Customer of RePUT your benefits are:


  1. Join RePut now, from whatever background, with or without education, or any profession.  You may be in full time, part time employment or unemployed.  All must be Tiv, “ A People Under The God Of All Creation” are welcome.
    You will train to be among the cohort of like-minded, potential Specialist Entrepreneurs in the Wealth Creation effort for the development of the Tiv Economy.
  2. The wealth you create will all come directly to you, in direct proportion to the extent of your participation.
  3. You will receive, free, focused CMI Enterprise and Entrepreneurship training, designed to equip you to be an effective Entrepreneur in any sector of the Tiv economy of your choice.  This is, the Revolution based, rapidly growing Tiv economy.  It is a virgin, or underdeveloped  economy, pregnant with great opportunities. RePUT would reveal these opportunities to you in due course.
  4. The training will equip and prepare you for the awesome opportunity to be professionally competent and able to successfully participate in taking CONTROL OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION of the Tiv economy.
  5. During your above CMI training, RePUT will hold your hand from the beginning – helping you with your thoughts, your ideas, concepts all the way to  turning these into Brands, Intellectual Property, Start-up Business. Then go on to, help you run, and grow your business to a mega organisation, on the world stage.
  6. RePUT would provide you with the above education free, to the stage when you become an Effective Competent Entrepreneur prepared and able to successfully function as above.
  7. We at RePUT, would hold your hand, as above, all the way, always, doing everything necessary to ensure you enjoy good success in your business. Joshua 1: 14;15.
  8. You will enjoy a discount on all RePUT  Workshops, Seminars etc.
  9. And much more.
  • You will enjoy the necessary support to become an effective Entrepreneur, able to help take Control, Ownership and Possession of the Tiv Economy.
  • Support to start, run and grow your business.
  • Have a discount on all training courses including Workshops, Seminars etc.
  • Free Prestigious Professional Management and Leadership Education of the CMI focused on Entrepreneurship and Enterprise to fully equip and train you to become an effective Entrepreneur, able to contribute to the Tiv Nation Building effort and able to join in taking the Control, Ownership and Possession of the TIV economy. And you may wish to proceed to study for a Certificate in Management & Leadership, recognised globally…. May then progress to higher CMI Qualifications.
  • and much more….

Each Customer of RePUT is required to register as a Customer of ONE of the Institutions of his/her choice.

The Institutions are as listed below :-

1. Tiv Advancement Council

Dr. G.A. Kur PhD, Coordinator.

This consists of 70 members, 14 from each of the 5 Ruling Houses.  Each of these should also choose one from the other 14 Institutions.  They should then represent their Ruling House plus the other Institution on this Council.  The concept is to help the even development of the Tiv Kingdom.

Register for Tiv Advancement Council

2. Real Estate & Land Development Council

Engr. Joshua Gogo, Coordinator.

Advice on Land use, Land Development, Land Preservation.  Buying and developing land for domestic and industrial use.

Register for Real Estate & Land Development Council

3. Tiv Sovereign Wealth

Senator Shagbaor Joseph Yongo, Coordinator.

Creating wealth from Tiv resources.  Such wealth remaining owned by the Tiv Nation, for Nation Building including ensuring the financial independence and financial security of the Tiv Throne, Crown, Scepter and King.
Managing the wealth and assets so created for the Tiv Nation. Doing a professional job well, for a professional fee.

Register for Tiv Sovereign Wealth

4. Tiv Development Bank

Dr. H.T.A. Yongo PhD, FCMI, Founder of the RePUT Group. Director.

The bank would serve, primarily RePUT customers.  Helping them at all stages of their businesses, from starting, running, and growing their businesses to mega organizations, competently serving the Tiv nation, advancing the Tiv Nation Building effort, and impacting favourably, on the world advanced economies stage.

Registrations for the TIV Development Bank is now full.

5. Tiv Development Network

Promoting cooperation and collaboration with Tiv business to business relationships and trade.  Working together to grow together.

Register for Tiv development network

6. Research, Innovation, Invention & Enterprise

Dr. Nathaniel Tsendzughul, BSc (Jos), MSc (Makurdi), PhD (Paisley), Material Scientist, Specialised in Thin Biomedical Material Films deposition and characterisation.  Coordinator.

Undertaking Research in all areas of the Tiv life, encouraging innovation in the same way and extent, and commercializing the desirable outcomes. Creating and promoting the Tiv manufacturing Industry.

Register for research, innovation, invention & enterprise

7. Health, Science & Technology

Mr. Moses Agbonka Yaor (Surgeon), Coordinator.

It is generally agreed that- HEALTH IS WEALTH.
Yes.  There is not much you can do when in poor health and diminishing quality of life.
So we aim to see affordable, first class, world class abundant medical services in the Tiv Kingdom. Already we have first class top  doctors and surgeons working all over the first world at the cutting edge of Medicine and Science. Our objective is to see that the Tiv Kingdom is the first destination of choice for all in search of best medical services the world can offer.
The aim is to engage and continue to engage all the Sciences, Medicine and Technology to help sustain the Tiv  Development and Industrialization, as a contribution to the Tiv Nation Building effort.

Register for health, science & technology

8. Education & Information

Roger Hunter Aondona McCartney, FCMI, MCMI, CMgr, FCMI, MCIM, Educator, Coordinator.

Inform all customers and RePUT, of all developments and activities of RePUT.
Setting up and running information organizations such as News Papers, Magazines, Radio Stations, Tv Stations, etc.

Register for Education & Information

9. Community Interest Businesses

This is a focus on creating and locating businesses in Rural areas.
Fully involving the rural villages and rural communities, providing them with the necessary services they are denied because they do not live in cities.

Register for Community Interest Businesses

10. Christianity, Tiv Culture & Entertainment

Tiv, a People Under God.
So, Evangelism is at the heart of all we do, Matt. 6:33.
This must and does reflect in all we do and, in our Culture, and the fastest growing Industry – Entertainment.  These are some of the more important areas of our lives in which our common faith must feature prominently.
Our faith and Culture must be appropriately written and weaved in all plays, films etc. in such a way of truth that praises and glorifies our Lord God Almighty.

Register for Christianity, Tiv Culture & entertainment

11. Tiv History, Language & Literature

Martin Luter Akiga, Coordinator.

Teach Tiv Language and Literature at all levels of Education in the Tiv Kingdom. Research and write and publish our History, this time write our History and tell our story ourselves, so that the whole truth will be told and known as it is.

Register for Tiv history, language & literature

12. Statistics, Data Mining & Processing

Miss Memshima Orkuma, Coordinator.

Collect and accurately record Data on all the activities and events in the Tiv Kingdom. Process the Data into information. Publish and market it.  Let there be information for all those researching in all areas of human and natural activities for correct decision making.  Statistics are necessary for rock solid nation building.

Register for Statistics, Data mining & processing

13. Communication & Transportation

This is necessary for sending and receiving information over the internet. And for moving people and goods throughout and beyond the borders of the Tiv Kingdom. This may involve the use of vehicles such as Okada, Taxis, buses and coaches, trains, planes, ships etc.

Register for Communication & Transportation

14. Security

The Critical Tiv National Security.
A Standing Investigative Group is standard.
Without Security no Development or Nation Building can be successfully carried out.  The Territorial Integrity of the Tiv Kingdom must be protected full time.

We are Tiv, a People Under God. The LORD Himself is our SHELTER, our SHIELD our SECURITY, He declares to us that:
“I will make your battlements of rubies, your gates of sparkling jewels and all your walls of precious stones. All your sons will be taught by the LORD and great will be your children’s PEACE. In RIGHTEOUSNESS you will be Established.  TYRANNY WILL BE FAR FROM YOU. YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR.
Terror will be far removed.  It will not come near you. If any one does attack you, it will not be my doing. WHOEVER ATTACKS YOU WILL SURRENDER TO YOU”

It is permanent In Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

Register for security

15. Mines and Power

Mrs. Anita A.T. Yongo, Coordinator.

Protect all the mineral resources in the Tiv Kingdom so that not one is ever again squandered as the tragic case of the Gboko Cement.
Ensure no minerals are ever again taken out of the Tiv Kingdom until they are processed to the stage required by the final consumer.

Harness and develop the renewable energy such as the solar power so that affordable energy is available to every house throughout the Tiv Kingdom.

Ensure enough electricity is generated and available for both the domestic and industrial use in support of the Tiv Nation Building effort.

Register for mines and power

16. Infrastructure

The infrastructure, is absolutely necessary for the health and wellbeing of the economy. To achieve this, it is crucial that there is always in place, and always maintained, in good working condition, Facilities, Equipment, Services requiring both the uneducated and educated skilled and experienced Work-force or Labour.

Register for infrastructure