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RePUT Global Ltd is a mass mobilization- for- Tiv Nation Building. By Tiv Nation Building, we mean strengthening Tiv Citizens, Tiv Families, Tiv Communities, Tiv Institutions, etc, we mean integrating Tiv Communities, creating and sustaining Social Cohesion, Tiv Security and Tiv Economic growth and true, genuine Democratization. RePUT’s goal is to mobilise Tiv from across the world for the development of the Tiv world. This way, collaborating and cooperating together, each person, wherever resident benefits in direct proportion to the full extent of their participation. RePUT plans to see huge numbers, in millions of Tiv Entrepreneurs ready and able to take the CONTROL, OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION of the Tiv economy.

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Tiv people know that the universe did not just happen. Furthermore, they know their Creator. They accept that they are a people under God. The God that gave them the best of everything, including the best of natural resources and human resources with great potential and huge talents, so as to excel “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” Eph.3:20

Our prime aim is to ensure that the Tiv seize the moment, and apply their capabilities and opportunities and history of God choosing to use them to continue into God’s good plan for them. For example, God used them to ensure religious freedom in Nigeria since 1804. Please see the Fulani Nationality Movement’s Media Release of 13 January 2018.

Another example involves the Nigeria Civil war using the slogan “to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done” It was about the unity of Nigeria.

Now there are 520 tribes in Nigeria. Tiv are the fourth largest people group. The cost was 1.5 million young men who laid down their lives at the front line, of this total 800,000 Tiv lives were sacrificed to keep Nigeria united and one. The Tiv having done all that far more than all the Nigerian tribes put together, the Tiv are now well prepared and ready to build their Nation to the level of the most advanced economies of the world with God’s help to the Glory of God.


RePUT plans to see the Tiv Land and Nation develop rapidly into an economy, among the world’s most advanced and largest economies within a decade, using current and future technology, applying all the five systems of civilization, beginning with agricultural revolution all through to the revolution of mind mapping systems of development.


To end the impact of poverty on the Tiv world by engaging all the Tiv people in wealth creation for all the participants, in such a way that the wealth so created comes directly to the participants.

(Note: At the moment about 80% of the Tiv nation live below the poverty line)


The Tiv are the fourth largest people group in Nigeria.

They are the most homogenous linguistic people group in Nigeria.

The Tiv are the largest people group in Benue State, Nigeria.


RePUT has completed arrangements with the Benue State University for the delivery of the Professional Management Education of the Chartered Management Institute – CMI.  This is available to only Customers of RePUT. The aim is to have this education delivered free and exclusively to only Members of RePUT to fully equip them as fore runners for the rapid development of the Tiv economy.